Sonntag, 29. August 2010

Montag, 16. August 2010


Last week I was at the ecotopia camp in Wiesenburg to cook with Rampenplan, a fieldkitchen from the Netherlands. Rampenplan was the first mobile kitchen to cook during demonstrations or other political acition and was founded about 30 years agoo. They are able to nourish severeal thousand people – all vegan and ecological. In Wiesenburg there were "only" 250 to 300 people to feed, which for four or five people is still a lot of work.

The day started with breakfast, which was quite luxurious with different kinds of cheese, spreads, confiture and more.

After breakfast and coordinating the dishwashing (the participants of the camp luckily had to help!) we could imediately start preparing lunch, which was normaly a soup an bread and cheese again.

preparing the dal
And after giving out lunch (and the dish-washing and cleaning up and so on...) it was already time to start coordinating the preparation of the vegetables, we wanted to serve for dinner. While some participants where washing peeling and cutting all the stuff we got from ecological farmer from the region, we got started with the dinner, which normally consisted out of 4 to 5 parts: Carbs, sauce, cooked vegetables,  protein and raw vegetables. For example rice with mushroom sauce, carrots, dal (cooked lentils) and a green salad.

Between the meals we had to take all the temperature-sesitive stuff, like the dairy products, margerine and so on to the storage and cooling that lay in a station building near by. There we also kept the vegetables, to keep them fresh. To transport all that stuff we used the wonderful sushine mobile, an electric car with was load up by solar cells.

All in all it was a lot of work, it was a great time! People from rampenplan, if you should read this:
A big thank you!